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I don’t know why but I very much like to draw up family tree for my Vawdreys and am obsessed with cataloguing their offspring, even if the ideas for stories about the next generation do not actually come to pass. It is useful for me to have it set down somewhere as well, so this blog post is as much for my future reference as it is for anything…

As you can see there is a proliferation of Vawdrey cousins and the family tree is flourishing! Old Baron Vawdrey would indeed be proud to be such a successful pater familias. As you can see Roland has had no less than three daughters! It cracks me up to think of him as a Father of three girls!

I feel a certain suspicion that Oswald would have found a way to confer his Father’s title onto Roland somewhere along the line. I know that it’s not how things work, but let us not forget that Oswald makes so many of the King’s decrees at court. I feel sure he could swing it with a little effort…

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