Jared Hunt has a problem. The stuck-up blonde he’s currently working for just might be his mate.

Christine Lascombe is a rich bitch whose lousy attitude isn’t affecting him the way it should. He should be filled with disgust, not lust. What the hell is wrong with him?

Then Pristine Christine gets amnesia and all Jared wants to do is drag her back to his trailer and hibernate. Somehow, along the way, she gets the idea she’s his stripper girlfriend from out of town… A stronger bear than he wouldn’t use this situation to his advantage. Problem is, the longer the pretence lasts, the stronger his conviction grows they belong. But how can that be, when it’s all built on a lie?


Bear Faced Liar is a Bear-Shifter novel of over 75,000 words and is a stand alone story. It contains adult situations and strong language. If either of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Jorah Mallon-Garth, medieval warrior and Alpha of the Varkash wolf pack seeks a human bride who will do his bidding...

Lady Isolde Merrell is pretty but altogether too plump to be noticed when her beautiful younger sister is around. In desperation she douses herself with a lust potion to snare the attentions of returning warrior Jorah Mallon-Garth who has just completed three years soldiering for the Crown. Suddenly she finds herself wedded and bedded by the Alpha male of the Varkash pack and bound for the Winterlands!

Jorah is tired of battle and vows to find a biddable human wife to take home with him. Once they arrive he is determined to impose order on his troublesome wolf-pack. Isolde’s curvaceous charms have him panting with need from the start. Her lush, warm body promises him things he has never even dreamed of possessing, a true mate of his heart. But his new bride proves to have hidden mettle as she challenges him on his long-held beliefs and soon has his pack realising she truly is their Alpha’s mate! Even if he still needs convincing she is equal to the task…

Please be warned this is a full length, hot BBW romance novel featuring a werewolf Alpha with steamy situations and strong explicit language. If you prefer things on the tamer side this is probably not the novel for you.


Jessie is unusual as far as shifters go. A striped hyena raised outside of a pack by a hippy human grandmother she has almost started to despair of finding a mate. That is until she finds a huge shifter wolf lying injured at the bottom of a ravine. Being a helpful kind of gal there’s no way she can just abandon the fearsome beast to his fate! Luc is a rogue lone wolf – expelled from his pack after a violent challenge to his Alpha, he’s nasty, big and uncompromising. The last thing he wants is a chirpy hyena bitch distracting him with her orange shorts and perky chatter. Problem is, she did save his ass and the more time they spend together the more he’s attracted to her! He’s can’t even rely on his beast whose reaction to the female isn’t what he expected. Suddenly the purity of the wolf race no longer seems an issue! Luc’s starting to wonder if he’ll get out of this remote canyon without marking Jessie as his one true mate!

Please note this is a novella length fantasy short story with a word count of 22,855 words. It contains adult situation and strong language. If either of these offend you please do not purchase.

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Did you ever wonder what happened to the two most famous ‘ugly’ stepsisters of all? In this story find out how plump Hortense turned her back on polite society and holed herself up in a bleak stone castle, turning her attention to spell books and vowing never to search for a bridegroom again! However, attempting to enslave a sex demon for a servant is possibly not the best idea she ever had! Kiril is a prince of the seventh layer of hell and he thinks that curvaceous Hortense should put her energies to better use in satisfying his appetites… However, getting Hortense to concentrate on him proves more difficult than he could have anticipated when her troublesome family comes calling …

Bumping Uglies is an adult continuation of the Ugly stepsisters story - for those of us who wondered about their happily ever after ... Please be warned this story is steamy with strong language and adult situations and not for those who would be offended by these themes.

This is a short and snappy story of just over 14,000 words.