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Jorah Mallon-Garth, medieval warrior and Alpha of the Varkash wolf pack seeks a human bride who will do his bidding...

Lady Isolde Merrell is pretty but altogether too plump to be noticed when her beautiful younger sister is around. In desperation she douses herself with a lust potion to snare the attentions of returning warrior Jorah Mallon-Garth who has just completed three years soldiering for the Crown. Suddenly she finds herself wedded and bedded by the Alpha male of the Varkash pack and bound for the Winterlands!

Jorah is tired of battle and vows to find a biddable human wife to take home with him. Once they arrive he is determined to impose order on his troublesome wolf-pack. Isolde’s curvaceous charms have him panting with need from the start. Her lush, warm body promises him things he has never even dreamed of possessing, a true mate of his heart. But his new bride proves to have hidden mettle as she challenges him on his long-held beliefs and soon has his pack realising she truly is their Alpha’s mate! Even if he still needs convincing she is equal to the task…

Please be warned this is a full length, hot BBW romance novel featuring a werewolf Alpha with steamy situations and strong explicit language. If you prefer things on the tamer side this is probably not the novel for you.

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