​A Bride for the Prize-fighter

Victorian Prizefighters Book 1

Mina’s well-ordered life is thrown into disarray when her father drops a bombshell on his deathbed, she has a brother she never knew of. Not only that, he is on his way to rescue her from the collapse of their school under a mountain of debts.
A wild journey across country later, Mina finds herself thrown at the feet of the brutish William Nye, prize-fighter and owner of a disreputable inn, The Merry Harlot. Respectable Mina is appalled to find herself obliged to wed this surly stranger!
Forced to draw on reserves of inner strength she never knew she possessed, Mina uncovers perilous secrets and bravely carves herself a new life at the side of this man, as she proves herself a more than worthy partner for the prize-fighter.

A Bride for the Prize-fighter is a stand-alone Victorian romance novel of over 118,000 words.
Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.


A Substitute Wife for the Prizefighter 
Victorian Prizefighters Book 2


Plain, respectable Lizzie Anderson is in the devil of a fix.  After catching sight of something she was not supposed to, her whole family is torn apart by the ensuing scandal.  Lizzie’s steadfast principles means she cannot deny the evidence of her own eyes and as a consequence finds herself thrown out onto the street!  Her only ally in her time of need, comes from a very unexpected quarter indeed... 

Benedict Toomes has long thought Lizzie a thorn in his side, but after seeing her staunchness in the face of adversity, he finds himself picturing her in a totally different role in his life.  A stand-in for the betrothed he no longer wants to marry…  Find out how this unlikeliest of couples navigates life together after a rocky start and find their preconceived notions about the other could not have been further from the truth!

Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.