The fictional Kingdom of Karaok is home to the series The Vawdrey Brothers and The Brides of Karadok.  Set in a Medieval type fantasy landscape, war torn Karadok still smarts from a recent civil war between the royal houses of Argent and Blechmarsh... follow our heroes and heroines from battlefield to royal court, jousting tournaments to provincial backwaters as they pursue their happy ever after.
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Alice is fascinated by the Victorian era and would like to write several romances set in this time.  She has lots of stories clamouring in her head to be told, featuring but not exclusively the following:

Heiresses, Smugglers, Schoolteachers, Prizefighters, Music Hall Entertainers, Fake Mediums and Wicked Viscounts.

She hopes that some of these sound appealing to her readers

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Alice has also written several paranormal or shifter stories - both contemporary and historic themed, novel length and novella.  Please more info below if you like werewolves or bear/shifter if you feel like something a bit different!