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The Merry Month of May!

I can't believe we are already in May! This year has been such a strange one so far. : (

Usually, I would be attending a local folk festival around this time which I really love, with morris dancers and a maypole, but this year, for obvious reasons that is off the cards.

I will definitely have to set a Karadok novel around the return of spring, as so many of the old traditions emerged from the dark ages, such as Jack-in-the-Green heading the garlanded processions around the village green. (Side-note, did anyone watch the creepy village celebrations on the recent BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's "The Pale Horse"? *Shudder* Very sinister and atmospheric!)

Revellers would bathe their faces in morning dew and dance 'sunwise' as part of their observations. The May King and Queen held their royal court over musicians and performers. Apparently there was also spring-time equivalent to the Christmas 'Lord of Misrule' character who presided over things causing chaos and being cheeky to the lords and ladies, giving the villagers something to laugh about.

Sometimes this would have been a Maid Marian character who would have been a man in drag which sounds great!

I hope everyone manages to celebrate May Day in some way this year, even if it's only on a walk enjoying the blossom or sat in your garden in quiet observance.

Stay safe everyone! Love from Alice x

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