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New Audiobook releases in February 2023

Updated: Feb 15

Many thanks to all who wrote to me asking when the most recent books would be coming out in audiobook format. Thanks to your encouragement, they have been produced! I am so, so happy and relieved about that.

I ended up having to go an alternate route this time which was a learning experience, but I muddled my way through, with lots of head scratching and hair pulling. (My own, I add hastily)

The third of the Victorian Prizefighters books, A Contracted Spouse for the Prizefighter has now been released on Audible as an audiobook. It should also appear on Amazon and iTunes for sale before the end of the week.

This one has a new narrator. Alas, I could not find the previous one listed on the platform I decided to use. The new reader, Grace Noble has a lovely tone and quality to her voice, so I hope you all enjoy it.

Also, I am delighted to announce that the fourth Karadok book will also be released as an audiobook this month. Her Bridegroom Bought and Paid For should be released very soon. I do not have a release date for this one, but it should be very soon so please keep your eyes peeled! Once again, this is read by the brilliant Anne Flosnik.

I was so happy to find Anne on the new platform and hearing her reading my words was a great comfort, for I knew it was in safe hands.

I do hope that all of you that urged me to get the audiobooks made, find these available where you usually buy your audiobooks. As I said, I had to go a different route this time, so it was all a bit nerve wracking, but if they sell, then I will certainly repeat the experience, (with more confidence hopefully) for future books.

Thanks once again for bearing with me.

Much love from Alice x

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