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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

For some reason, I had a burning desire to have shieds bearing family crests made up for the various Vawdrey clan members. I definitely described some of these in Her Baseborn Bridegroom, I think at the beginning when Mason and Oswald rode up to Cadwallader castle. Also, at the end after Mason was elevated to the peerage, I seem to remember there was some discussion about heraldry…

In An Ill-Made Match, I definitely remember that some of the old shields were hanging up in Vawdrey Keep when Roland gave Eden the tour of the place. I don’t actually remember mentioniong them in the second book, but I might well have done….

Here are some individual shields I had made up. I’m sure you diligent readers can identify which shield belongs to which Vawdrey! (Let’s face it, some of you remember details better from the books than I do!!).

Answers in the comments below…

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