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Karadok: A Glimpse of What's to Come

Hi All

Just wanted to apologise for not updating this blog more often! I promise I am working hard on Lord Kentigern’s story and still hope for it to be released in June time (2021). I’m pretty much pouring all my efforts into that, which is why I barely have an online presence to speak of! So sorry 😢 I know that it is an area that I really fall down on. I hope you will all let me off the hook this time!

Having said that, I have finally figured out working titles for both Sir Jeffree de Crecy and Jane Cecil’s stories and I am sorely tempted to remain in Karadok for the rest of the summer to write another bride’s tale… Please find two new blurbs for future stories below!

An Inconvenient Vow

Never did Sabina Burrell imagine that foiling a plot against her sister would lead to her having to wed the arrogant Sir Jeffree de Crecy! She has never met such a loathsome man, and that included her late husband!

Sir Jeffree, raised in the expectation of succeeding to his uncle’s title, is appalled to become ensnared in a scheme to discredit his uncle’s new bride. The whole thing is beneath his dignity, as is the shameless young widow who denounces him in front of everyone and makes him look a fool!

Jeffree will do anything to salvage his honor, even if it means wedding a woman he despises. Revenge will be sweet indeed, ensuring Sabina pays for what she did. What he does not anticipate, is that his own long-prized vow of chastity will be so very sorely tried…

The Favorite

Alisander de Balon, fifth Viscount Bardulf is a lot of things. Ambassador. Diplomat. Spy. He is also bored as hell at the Argent King’s court. His only diversion these days is tormenting staid Jane Cecil, the Queen’s favorite Lady-in-Waiting. Seeing her vexed amuses him more than any royal entertainment.

Jane has finally found her place at Court, and it is among the Queen’s retinue. All she wants to do is faithfully serve Her Majesty, something she could do in peace if it was not for the Queen’s countryman, Viscount Bardulf, who seems to delight in baiting her!

Neither Bardulf nor Jane could have foreseen the sudden tragedy that leads to their hasty union and certainly, neither of them could have anticipated that they would fall so easily into different roles… that of husband and wife.

I hope the above sound like future instalments of Brides of Karadok that you would like to read!

Take care all,

From Alice x

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