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Map of Karadok!

Hi All, I wanted to share the amazing map of Karadok that my friend Angela created on Q-Gis. Isn’t it wonderful? I’m absolutely thrilled with it, and love that you can track some of the road trips the characters take on there, (e.g. Una and Armand, or Jeffree and Sabina), or look up the tournament locations or the various family estates.

It’s so, so gratifying to see all those familiar place names laid out visually on a map. To be honest I just can’t stop staring at it. Angela asked me to add that it is a work in progress, and she may have to do some minor tweaks. She is very conscientious and still checking source material, as my own memory can be a bit shaky on details, as you will all know by my inconsistencies with things like spellings of places and people over the years!

Anyway, it was just too good not to share it! Enjoy!

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