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How to update your Kindle content

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Dear All

First let me start by thanking you all for your support with my latest release “A Bride for the Prizefighter”.  I must apologize, as unfortunately the proofreading this time was really not up to scratch.  ☹  I have had to go through it again and re-upload to Amazon with amends to many typos and even some inconsistency with minor character names!  As the proofreader had it so long this time, I was overly optimistic about how thorough a job must have been done.  Painful lesson learned…

I am happy to say, that after lots of to and fro-ing with Amazon they have now agreed to make the updated content available to those readers who have already purchased this book.  You can update your copy on your Kindle by following the instructions below:

  • Login to your Amazon account (not on your Kindle but via laptop/ tablet/ PC)

  • Go into ‘Accounts and Lists’ (Under the message ‘Hello______’)

  • Select ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’

  • You should find all of your purchased book titles here including mine.

  • Any that have updates available should have it written in blue next to the title.

  • Click on ‘Update Available’.

  • Click on ‘Update’ button.

  • This will send the new version automatically to your Kindle.

Or if you cannot see in blue 'Updates available', it may be that you already have the latest version which has been out over 48 hours OR that you have your content automatically update in your settings.  To turn on automatic book updates:

1.     Go to Manage Your Content and Devices

2.     Click the Preferences tab.

3.     Scroll to Automatic Book Update.

4.     Choose On.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you so much to those of you who so kindly left me reviews for the book – I really, really appreciate you making the effort.  I am very bad at marketing and social media, so really word about the books only spreads this way and by word of mouth.

If this one sells well, then I might just be tempted return to Penarth for another outing, as a surprising number of you have said you would love to see Jeremy get his own book!

Thank you for being such lovely readers and kindly bearing with me in this journey!

Love from Alice x

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