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Hi All

Just wanted to let you know I have now attempted to set up a business page on Facebook as:

Alice Coldbreath Author

It is not a group or anything fancy. There is already a fantastic group on Facebook, run by a very nice lady called Jen which is ‘Consorts of Karadok’.

Consorts of Karadok - an Alice Coldbreath Fan Group | Facebook

I do not want to intrude on any reader spaces, as I want everyone to feel free with their opinions and discussions, without me present.

However, if you are on Facebook and could give the Page a like I would be really grateful. I have added a messenger button, so if anyone wants to interact with me there, or like my posts that would be fantastic. 😊

My newest resolution is to try and post on Facebook daily, or if not daily, at least once a week.

I am also vowing to upload the blog on my website at least once a month going forward, as I have been slipping lately… I really want to try and be more present instead of just popping up when another book is due.

Thanks for all bearing with me guys. I am really going to try and improve with social media! It would be lovely if you manage to find me there.

~ Alice x

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