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An Inconvenient Vow

Never did Sabina Burrell imagine that foiling a plot against her sister would lead to her having to wed the arrogant Sir Jeffree de Crecy!  She has never met such a loathsome man, and that included her late husband.

Sir Jeffree, raised in the expectation of succeeding to his uncle’s title, is appalled to become ensnared in a scheme to discredit his uncle’s intended bride.  The whole thing is beneath his dignity, as is the shameless young widow who denounces him in front of everyone and makes him look a fool!  

Jeffree will do anything to salvage his honour, even if it means wedding a woman he despises.  Revenge will be sweet indeed, if it means making Sabina pay for what she did.  What he does not expect, is that his own long-prized vow of chastity will soon be so very sorely tried…

An Inconvenient Vow is a stand-alone novel of over 147,000 words and is set in a medieval style landscape in the fictional kingdom of Karadok. Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.

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Book 5 of The Brides of Karadok Series

Wow, I loved these books! It kept me reading and enthralled until the end. Thank you!

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These are what I've come to expect from Alice Coldbreath: completely engaging, charming and with depth. 

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