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Future Karadok Books...

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

These are the books I am currently developing to work on after Una’s story:


Aimee Ankatel, oldest daughter to the richest merchant in all Karadok only has eyes for the heavily scarred Lord Kentigern. A ferocious competitor, her heart beats louder when she watches him compete in the field. Not one of the handsome knights of Karadok draws her admiration like he does.

When her father lends funds to the Crown and promises her a glittering match with a nobleman, she daydreams of making the ill-fated knight fall in love with her. After all, if Aimee’s Father buys back Kentigern’s lands and castle for a dowry, surely that would make her an acceptable bride to him?

Any idealistic dreams of youth Kentigern once had were lost long ago in battle, when he was disfigured and blinded in one eye. His destiny was a cruel one, his homelands confiscated for his part in the Northern uprising, he ekes out a lonely nomadic existence, travelling from one tournament to another.

Never would he have dreamed that all he had once lost could be put in his hand again by some upstart merchant wanting a stud and a title for his pretty daughter. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined a reversal of fortune that included a wife like Aimee.


Cheerful Gunnilde Payne is hiding a bruised heart behind her bright smile. When her friend invites her to spend some time away from her provincial home, she jumps at the chance. Distraction is just what she needs to forget the sad disappointment of her childhood sweetheart getting betrothed to another.

All is going well, until Gunnilde overhears herself rudely dismissed by two knights, as ‘nice, plain and utterly forgettable’. Poor Gunnilde is mortified but as soon as the thoughtless words left his lips, someone starts to notice she has plenty of charm after all.

No working title as yet – Jane Cecil’s story

No working title as yet – Jeffrey de Crecy’s story

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